Guide to holding ExpertBox video meetings

Talk with your clients face to face, wherever you are in the world. Keep reading to learn how to provide high-quality service with ExpertBox video meetings:

  1. Start a meeting
  2. Share your screen with your client
  3. Chat during the meeting
  4. Change the view
  5. Record the meeting
  6. End the call

Start a meeting

Video conferences become available to you and your clients 15 minutes before an appointment. Here’s how to join a meeting:

  1. Go to the Meeting page
  2. Click Join meeting.
  3. Enable or disable your microphone and camera. 
  4. Click Join to enter the meeting.

TipJoin the meeting beforehand to test your headphones and microphone.

Share your screen with your client

During a meeting, any participant can share their screen. Here’s how:

  1. Click the Share your screen icon.

  2. Choose if you want to present the entire screen, a specific application window, or a browser tab.
  3. Click Share.

To seamlessly start a new presentation, click New share. To finish presenting your screen, click Stop share

Chat during the meeting

Use the chat feature to write messages and share files with your client during the meeting. You can open the chat by clicking the  Chat icon.

Change the view

Speaker view

By default, the video of your conversation partner will be full-screen. You can switch to a large video of yourself by clicking the swap screen icon.

Gallery view

If you want to see an equal-sized video of yourself and your conversation partner, you can choose the gallery view by clicking the split screen icon.

Record the meeting

If you have a Pro or Plus subscription plan, you can record meetings to watch them later. Read our guide to learn how.

End the call

When you’ve finished with the conference, click the  Leave call icon and click Leave meeting to end the call.

Tip: The video conference room will remain available  as long as you are there or for  15 minutes after the appointment ends. This gives you extra time to finish your conversation.