Where can I find my appointments?

ExpertBox keeps all your appointments in the Appointments section so you can easily access them in one place. Here are some tips to help you navigate:

Choose your view

You can switch between calendar and list views for convenience. 

  • By default, you’ll see a calendar with all your appointments for the day. Workspace owners and admins will also see the appointments of the whole team.
  • List view shows a compact layout of all the appointments for the next 30 days. Use it to filter and search for a particular appointment.

Filter appointments

You can filter appointments by service, clientstatus, or calendar. Team workspace owners and admins can also filter by expert.

Tip: Go to Clients to see all the appointments for a particular client.

Find a date

Navigate between dates and months using the date picker calendar.

Search by name 

Use the search field to find appointments by typing the name of the service.