Create a chat in ExpertBox

ExpertBox chats are a convenient way to continuously communicate with clients and other experts within your workspace.

What to expect from chats

  • Chats can only be created by experts, not clients. When you create a chat, you become the chat owner.
  • Chat owners have full control of their chats. They can add and remove chat members and delete chats altogether.
  • You can chat with both experts and clients within your workspace.
  • Any expert can have an unlimited number of chats. The files shared in chats, however, count toward your storage space quota.

Create a chat

Chats can be used for anything: supporting clients, sharing information, collaborating with colleagues. You can have as many chats as needed — there’s no limit! Here’s how to create a chat:

  1. Go to Chats and click the Compose icon at the top of the chat list.
  2. Upload a photo for the chat and create a unique chat name so that you and other people in your workspace can easily recognize the chat.

  1. Click Create and add people to the chat, or click Cancel to skip adding people for now.

What’s next?