Share files with clients

You can upload and send files from your device (up to 100 MB per file). These files are stored in the chat and can be accessed at any time. 

Upload a file

  1. Click the paper clip icon next to the message field.

  2. Choose a file in the attachment window that opens.
  3. Click Open. The file will instantly be sent to the chat.

View a list of attachments

You can easily find shared files in the Meeting page sidebar. To open a file: 

  1. Go to the Files section of the sidebar.
  2. Click on the file you want to open.

Download attachments

If you want to save a copy of a file on your device:

  1. Click on the file to open it.
  2. Click the download icon. 

Delete attachments

To delete an attachment:

  1. Hover over the file. 
  2. Click the three-dots icon.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Select Delete again to confirm.