How can I access my meeting?


Open your booking confirmation email

As soon as you’ve booked an appointment, we’ll send you an email containing all the necessary information about it. You’ll see the name of the service, your expert’s name, and the time and the price of your meeting. There will also be a link to access your meeting page.


 Open the meeting page.

To go to your meeting page, click Visit meeting page in your confirmation email. This will open up a chat with your expert where you can:

  • write a message or send a file to the expert.

  • find an appointment card with the details of your appointment.
  • reschedule or cancel your meeting by clicking the three-dot icon on the appointment card in the chat or by clicking the same icon next to the Join meeting button.

Tip: Add your meeting to your Google Calendar or Apple Calendar so you don’t miss it.


 Join the video conference.

On the right side of the meeting page you’ll see a Join meeting button. Click it to start a video chat with your expert.

Keep in mind: This button will become active 15 minutes before your consultation begins.
Tip: Join the meeting beforehand to test your headphones and microphone.