Connect Google Calendar to ExpertBox

Stay organized and manage your availability across platforms by connecting Google Calendar to ExpertBox. Events added to a connected Google Calendar will automatically appear on your Appointments page. And if you set a calendar as unavailable, we’ll block out the time of its synced events in your ExpertBox calendar to prevent double-booking.

Keep reading to learn how to:

What to expect:

  • You can connect up to four Google Accounts to ExpertBox. The number of sub-calendars is unlimited.
  • To limit the amount of data we transfer between Google and ExpertBox, we only sync events up to 18 months in the future. We keep past Google Calendar events in the ExpertBox appointment history for 2 months.
  • Events synced from your Google Calendar are private, and other team members won’t be able to see them.
  • ExpertBox does not offer two-way sync: appointments booked via ExpertBox will not automatically be imported into your Google Calendar.

Connect a Google Calendar

  1. Go to Appointments and click Sync calendars.

2.Click Connect Google Calendar and authorize the Google Account of your choice.

  1. Choose calendars whose events you’d like to sync to your Appointments page.

Events added from Google Calendar will be greyed out in ExpertBox, with only the description shown. If you update a synced event in Google Calendar, those updates will be synced to ExpertBox.

Keep in mind: Events synced from Google Calendar can’t be rescheduled or edited in ExpertBox. If you want to make changes to synced events, you must do so in Google Calendar.

Block time for new bookings

Make sure you won’t be double-booked on ExpertBox if there’s a conflicting event on one of your synced calendars. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to Appointments and click Sync calendars.
  2. From your synced calendars, choose those whose events will block your availability on ExpertBox by switching the Set as unavailable toggle.

Events synced from calendars set as unavailable will have a  Google icon with a lock on them on the Appointments page to show that you can’t get new appointments during these events. ExpertBox won’t cancel any of your appointments that were booked before syncing, however, so it’s possible for an appointment booked before you synced a calendar to conflict with an event on that newly synced calendar.

Keep in mind: For now, all events in a selected calendar will block your availability for new bookings. This includes events that you haven’t accepted as well as those set as Free in your Google Calendar.

Tip: To unblock the time for a new appointment, you can delete the event from your Google Calendar or set the whole calendar as Available.

Disconnect a Google Calendar

To stop syncing calendar events to ExpertBox, you’ll need to disconnect a Google Calendar. Once you disconnect a calendar, all previously synced events from that calendar will be deleted from your Appointments page.

Keep in mind: Disconnecting a Google Calendar will also remove all sub-calendars.

  1. Go to Appointments and click Sync calendars.
  2. Find the calendar you want to disconnect and click Remove.

  1. Click Remove once again to confirm.

Fix calendar syncing issues

Sometimes a Google Calendar may get disconnected from your ExpertBox account. In this case, ExpertBox won’t automatically sync changes you make in Google Calendar until you reconnect the calendar. We’ll notify you of a disconnected calendar via email and the ExpertBox notification panel so you can reconnect it in no time.

Here’s how to reconnect a calendar:

  1. Go to Appointments and click Sync calendars.
  2. Find the calendar that got disconnected and click Reconnect.