Roles in ExpertBox

Every member of a workspace has a role with corresponding permissions and access levels. These are different for personal workspaces and team workspaces.

Personal workspaces  

A personal workspace has only one individual in it: a workspace owner. You can find the permissions of a personal workspace owner in the descriptions of personal workspace subscription plans.

Team workspaces

Team workspaces have three possible roles: workspace owner, administrator, and expert.

Workspace owner

Every workspace has a workspace owner. This user has the highest level of permissions. Only the workspace owner can delete the workspace or transfer ownership of the workspace, manage payments, and access billing information.


A workspace can have multiple administrators. An administrator is a team member with access to administrative features for managing the team, appointments, services, and clients.


Experts are all the people on your team. They can use ExpertBox to provide services for clients via video meetings.

What’s next?

Read about permissions in ExpertBox workspaces for a detailed breakdown of what each role can do.